September 14, 2020
Latin America and Brazil agriculture
Flavio Hirata , AllierBrasil
The Strength of Brazil and Latin America Agriculture, the importance of Latin America agriculture as main food producer in world, main crop figures.
September 15, 2020
Pesticide supply and prices from China post pandemic
Jalen Fan, Deputy Director, Division 1, CCPIT CHEM - China
The speaker will bring the updates of China pesticides industry, including registration, production, business, export, price change of main pesticides, newly-issued management policy, and industry transfer trend. He will share the main challenges and impacts to the whole pesticides industry, especially under the unprecedented black swan and Gray Rhino events, such as COVID-19 and natural disaster.
September 16, 2020
Towards Sustainable Agro-Food Sector: Emerging issues and good-practices
Luiz Eduardo Pacifici Rangel, Director of Economic Analysis and Public Policy - Ministry of Agriculture
Importance of Brazilian agriculture to the world food security, and potential for agriculture with sustainability
September 17, 2020
Soybean Asian rust
Cláudia Vieira Godoy, EMBRAPA
Soybean Asian rust history, management and control
September 22, 2020
2,4-D revaluation: changes in regulatory and field proceeding
Amanda Búlgaro, Aenda
Regulation and product application aspects involving 2,4-D revaluation by ANVISA
September 23, 2020
Complexity of state registration under a legal point of view
Edmur Bento de Figueiredo Junior, F S Figueredo e Santos Advogados
Discussion about state regulations and related laws, including Federal Constitution, Federal and State level regulations, government fees and difficulties
September 24, 2020
Pesticide registration in Brazil MAPA and ANVISA follow up, timing, numbers ( English, Chinese)
Flavio Hirata, AllierBrasil
Pesticide registration figures, timeline and overview
Registro de Agrotóxicos no Brasil MAPA e ANVISA
Flavio Hirata, AllierBrasil
Monitoramento, tempo, números
September 28, 2020
Controversial Aspects of New Regulation on Phytosanitary Products
Camila Machado de Assunção, Andrade Foz Hypólito Médicis Advogados
The presentation explores the legal background of the phytosanitary products destined to the organic agriculture, besides the main changes suggested by Ordinance No. 110 proposed by the Ministry of Agriculture, which is under public consultation. Also, the presentation discuss the main controversial points and impacts of such ordinance on the legal framework of the matter.
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