Shanghai Myour Biotech Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Myour Biotech Co., Ltd. is an enterprise focusing on the research and development, manufacture and sales of intermediate, technical and formulation products of pesticide.
We have three formulation products manufacture bases, one intermediate of pesticide manufacture base and one technical of pesticide synthesis base.

Adhering to the concept of "product quality is the first lifeline", we are committed to providing high-quality pesticide products for global customers. We have the advantages of product scale, complete industrial chain and clean production environment.In addition, we attach great importance to scientific and technological innovation. We have a scientific research team led by doctoral students, which is constantly developing new products and optimizing the process and formulation of existing products.

Through independent research and development, lambda-cyhalothrin and bifenthrin products have broken through the technical barriers of foreign pesticide giants, and produced high-quality technical products that meet FAO standards, and form a complete industrial chain from intermediates to formulation products.

Through independent research and development and cooperation with multinational companies, chlorothalonil has become an OEM manufacturer designated by multinational companies.
At present, the scientific research team has overcome the difficulties in the formulation of microcapsules and nanosuspensions, and now we can provide customers with high-quality, environmentally friendly formulation products.

lambda-cyhalothrin 8% ME
lambda-cyhalothrin+ abamectin 2.8%+0.2% EC
lambda-cyhalothrin25g/l EC
lambda-cyhalothrin + phoxim0.6%+25.4% EC
Etoxazole + Bifenazate15%+30% SC