Xiamen Mata Ecology Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Mata Ecology Co., Ltd., with the utilization of oyster shell resources as a breakthrough, is committed to opening up the oyster industry chain in the nursery, breeding, processing, and processing links, exploring the cycle of oyster industry development, and determined to be the "oyster" in China and the world. King". Mata  is a professional manufacturer of oyster shell bio-improved materials. It currently has production bases in Zhaoan, Huian and other places, and it is expected that the oyster shell processing capacity will be more than 1 million tons.

Partners: Chinese Academy of Sciences, the third Institute of Oceanography of the Ministry of natural resources, Xiamen University, Fengjia University of Taiwan, Tokyo University of Japan
Project patents: 2 invention patents, 18 patents
Pioneering process: "protective baking staged activation process"
Honorary title: national high tech enterprise, Fujian science and technology enterprise
International famous: export to Japan, Britain and other countries

Oyster shell powder Seaweed,Ca,Mg
Oyster shell Granule Organic,Ca
Calcium, Powder
Oyster shell Granule
Oyster shell Powder