ZD Instrument Co.

Is you soil fertile or poor? What are the main chemical characters of your soil? To get to know these, traditional method is to send soil sample to professional laboratories. There the sample is treated with solution. All the characters are obtained by testing the solution with different analytical instruments. This is OK but you have to wait for days or even weeks to get the results after you have paid a dear amount of money. Soil characters changed during the days and transforming (from solid to liquid). The change can not be tested. 

Now you can test soil by yourself, with the help of ZD Instrument’s soil testers. These testers are invented by ZD Instrument Co. They are designed especially for soil. Ideal for field quick test. Equipped with specific alloy metal sensors, the testers are robust and durable. You can carry them anywhere, and test soil at any time you like. Almost no cost with immediate results.Testers have high sensitivity and repeatability, with up to 2% accuracy. You can get to know a lot about your soil, and make your plants flourish.

So far, ZD Instrument Co hastesters for soil available N, P, K, soil pH, soil EC, soil Temperature and Moisture. They cover the fundamental soil characters. More testers are under development and will come out soon. 

soil available Nitrogen tester
soil available Phosphorus tester
soil available Potassium tester
soil pH tester
soil tester 6 in 1 set (N, P, K, pH, EC, TM)