Qingdao Re-green Biological Technology Co., Ltd

Qingdao Re-green Biological Technology Co., Ltd locates in Qingdao city, while our factory locates in Binzhou city of Shandong Province, which is close to Tianjin port. 

Our factory has more than 10years experiences in the research and development of high concentrated liquid fertilizers and high safety tank mixing adjuvants; most of the liquid fertilizers we produced are the environmental-friendly functional liquid fertilizers, which contain the macro elements, secondary elements and trace elements, as well as the biostimulants such as amino acid, humic acid, fulvic acid,alginic acid, taurine, chitosan,phosphorous acid etc. 

Differs from other liquid fertilizers, ours contain Phosphite (PO33-) rather than Phosphate(PO43-), a small change brings huge difference. Compare with Phosphate, Phosphite is good at compatibility(especially with Calcium fertilizer), mobility(in soil and inside plants) and reducibility (reduce the free radical caused by adverse environment). All these merits make our Phosphite fertilizer good at antibacterial,anti-fungal,anti-viral, and promote vegetative and reproductive growth. In different growth point, our products play much important roles, apply our fertilizers properly brings better yield. In this series we have about 10 different products including potassium phosphite (KH2PO3),calcium zinc phosphite, liquid 8 nutrients phosphite,silicon phosphite,copper phosphite etc.

For the tank mixing adjuvant, our product is not only good at the excellent performance in spreading, sticking-wetting and penetration, but also has extra function of killing mites, aphid, thrips and so on in high concentration (with proper pesticide to get better effect is strong recommended). The most important merits of our adjuvant is the high safety, it can be used in each key growth, such as new shoots, bud, flower, young fruits etc., as well as the high temperature environment, it is recommend to reduce the dosage of pesticides, fungicide, herbicides and fertilizers by 30% -50% as per the actual situation. 

We can also produce fertilizers according to customer’s request in form of OED & ODM.Meanwhile,we can supply technical support for crops, fruit trees and vegetables among the whole growing season from the seedling to harvest.

Liquid Calcium Zinc Phosphite Fertilizer
Liquid Compatible Calcium Fertilizer
Liquid Potassium Phosphite Fertilizer
LSM-701 tank mixing adjuvant
Silicon Calcium Magnesium Mixture