Qingdao Blue Treasure Seaweed Biotech. Co., Ltd

Qingdao Blue Treasure Seaweed Biotech. Co., Ltd is high-tech enterprise located in the new west coast of Qingdao,China. Our team has been engaged in seaweed fertilizer production over 15 years.

We have perfect research and development lab, world-class production facilities.At present, Our main organic fertilizer lines include seaweed extract, fish protein, Chitosan Oligosaccharide, seaweed foliar fertilizer and seaweed functional fertilizer, which have been widely used in agricultural cultivation and animal husbandry industries. And the seaweed extractFertilizer have been passed the OMRI certification and the Reach certification.

We follow the principle of win-win sharing and have established close cooperative relations with many well-known scientific research institutions and test fields. Till now all our fertilizer has been exported to more than 50 countries.

seaweed extract
chitosan oligosaccharide
fish protein
seaweed amino acid
seaweed polysaccharide