Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Pilarquim (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was streamlined from a long line of Yuen‐Fa Chemical Co., Ltd. commenced in 1961. In 2017, the merger of Pilarquim and MindleaderAgroscience Co., Ltd. opened a new era of development.

Pilarquim has accumulated a large number of excellent and competitive customers around the worldsince it entered the overseas market for decades, and based on these customers, Pilarquim has built a strong overseas channel network. Coupled with Mindleader’s excellent innovation capability and supply chain integration ability in China, as well as the service system that creates value for users through service,Pilarquim is building China's leading independent innovative formulation brand.

From its early days, Pilarquim has focused on long-term development and has not positioned itself as an ordinary trader, but has participated in global competition as a brand operator. Pilarquim has established 19 branches in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and other countries. In each country, Pilarquim insists on holding its ownproduct registration certificates, and the product name always starts with Pilar. After decades of unremitting efforts, Pilar’s brand has been widely known in many countries. Pilar’s brand image of high-quality and effective pesticide products has been deeply rooted in the hearts of farmers and distributors.

In the research and development of new products, Pilarquim started from the needs of farmers and crops, paid attention to excellent sub-new compounds, and focused on developing advanced formulations such as ZC, CS, DF, SC and OD. In early 2017, Pilarquim selected 8 Chinese best-selling and innovative products, and launched a huge registration program around the world according to the needs of various countries. Including PILARTEP(Tebuconazole+Pyraclostrobin345g/L SC), PILARCLOTRIN (Lambda-cyhalothrin + Clothianidin 280g/L ZC), PILARGOLD (S-metolachlor 480g/L CS), PILAROPTIM (Gibberellic acid + Indoleacetic acid + Brassinolide 0.136% WP) and PILARZOX (Cymoxanil + Cyazofamid 255g/L SC).

At present, Pilarquim has registered more than 60 new products at home and abroad. By 2021, the total cost of investing in new product development and global registration will exceed 10 million US dollars, and more than 800 differentiated new products will be registered worldwide. Pilarquim isdeveloping a new model for the overseas sales of Chinese agrochemical companies, building a new image of “Created in China”.

In the future, Pilarquim will adhere to the route of “Branding, Differentiation” and work closely with partners to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. The sales volume will reach 80 million US dollars by 2020 and exceed 200 million US dollars by 2023. At the same time, Pilarquim will continue to innovate, strengthen services, and strive to realizethe vision of “being one of the world’s best agrochemical companies”.