Shanghai Forever Trading Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Forever Trading Co., Ltd. is a company focused on drug development, the main business is the development and production of chemical raw materials. We have been engaged in research work in the field of medical technology for many years and have rich experience in the development of new drugs and technical services.


With the division of labor and cooperation between senior talents and basic scientific researchers, knowledge integration, learning from each other, able to quickly and accurately organize the project demonstration, to ensure that the project is accurate and feasible. Rich R&D experience to ensure the smooth development of r & d projects; Rich industrial experience, to ensure that scientific research projects can be barrier-free transformation. The company's leading technology platform is reflected in: strong R&D strength, mature conventional process, new process research and application.


Our company has independent research and development comprehensive laboratory, pilot test base and enlarged production plant. The R&D department consists of drug analysis room, drug synthesis room, drug information department and literature retrieval department. The laboratory has excellent analytical instruments such as HPLC, UC, GC and polarimeter, and is equipped with facilities such as rotary evaporator, reaction kettle, vacuum, low-temperature and ultra-low temperature. The key members of the technical team are mainly from the well-known universities and research institutes in the domestic pharmaceutical industry.


We have cooperating with the four major international express companies such as DHL, TNT, UPS, and FEDEX and the express delivery service of postal express (EMS) and major international airlines. Air transport business and maritime business have established long-term cooperative relations. With a stable, reliable, and safe operating network, scientific resource integration, and advanced management technology, it can provide a full range of logistics services for various enterprises.

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