Shanghai High Victory Fine Chemical co., Ltd.

Shanghai High Victory Fine Chemical co., Ltd. (HVC) was established in 2002, with a registered capital of 50 million RMB. HVC is a National pesticides production enterprise, being mainly engaged in R&D, Manufacturing and market development in the new-type of pesticides.

HVC is located in Shanghai Fine Chemical Park, which is an extensive supporting area of the national large chemical industry base in the north of Hangzhou Bay. The Park is a new highland of the fine chemical and bio-pharmaceutical industry in Shanghai with advantageous location and convenient traffic. To the east of the park is Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone, to the south is Shanghai petrochemical Co., LTD, and to the west, is bordered by Pinghu city of Zhejiang province. The G5 and S19 highway cross the site with in & outlets, and the distance to the north shore of Hangzhou Bay Bridge is less than 30 kilometers.

"Market encourages economy, technology drives market". HVC always keep the science and technology development as strategic to promote company’s growth. Moreover, HVC adheres to the "three new" business idea, which stands for "creation in business operation, Innovation in high-tech products and promotion in new market development ". By the support of innovative technology, and the orientation of international market demand, HVC integrate advantages from all aspects to industrialize new products in quickest pace. HVC has established a strategic and cooperative partnership with many multinational companies at home and abroad.

The soul of HVC is innovation. The continuous creation and process improvement are the driven of company. HVC is dedicated to construct a good environment on science development, absorbing and training well-educated researchers to the team as well. HVC's laboratories have equipped with qualified facilities and variety of analyzing instruments to guarantee the R&D progress. A lot of human and material resources long-term being devoted, HVC has formed in market-oriented layout of the R&D, and each new product are based on sufficient study and technology analysis, as well as the investigation of the market.

Over the years, HVC continuously promote their core competitiveness by the supporting of R&D, and high quality of the products, with the enterprise spirit of "Consolidation, profession, gumption and innovation" to keep sustainable development in the keen market competitions. HVC now has possessed large numbers of technologies as follows: heterocyclic compounds containing fluoride, fluorination of aromatic compounds, fluorination of side-chains of aromatic compounds, chlorination of aromatic compounds, bromination of aromatic rings and side-chains of aromatic compounds, photochemical chlorination, cyanidation, formulation, halogen interchange, hydrogenationoxidation, reduction, nitration, transamination, sulfonation, etc. Now HVC has been certificated by GB/T19001, GB/T24001 and GB/T28001 management system and also has been honored as “ China High-Tech enterprises”, "Shanghai science and technology little giant cultivate enterprise"“Shanghai cultivating enterprises of Sci-Tech Little Giant ”, “Shanghai Model of Clean-producing Enterprises" and “Shanghai 'professional, sophisticated, extraordinary and creation' enterprises"

At presentHVC has around 20,000 square meters of first-class production workshop with complete auxiliary facilities by intensive utility system of the Fine Chemical Park on the different levels of water, steam and the nitrogen gas. Moreover, HVC has 2 independent sets of power transformation devices, with each supply power on 2500 KVA. And system of circulating water (1000 tons per hour), and cryogenic systems (950000 calories). The biochemical waste water treatment facilities is perfectly running for production purpose. The company has laid a high overhead pipe network for production waste water collection, and has installed full time monitoring devices to guarantee HVC disposed production wastewater in safety and effective discharged through special pipes to center waster water treatment plant of the Fine Chemical Park.

The company will also make full use of innovative technology to explore circular economy and comprehensive utilization. What’s more, we are making efforts to pursue a new road of industrialization which contains things as follows: high sci-tech contents, good economic returns, low consumption of resources, less environmental contamination and a fully display of the superiority in human resources. Finally, we are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with friends from all over the world to make splendid achievements together!