Oasis AgroScience Ltd.

OASIS is an innovation company which provides better solutions for crop plant protections and nutrition.


  1. Agronomist services which identify the pest or nutrition problem
  2. Feasible solutions to shoot the problems
  3. Global registration supports
  4. Promotion supports with the Brand building
  5. Market Analysis, Supervision and Adviser
  6. R&D on New formulation and New Recipe
  7. Patented Product Marketing


Better solutions for the easy farming


A great innovation company


Respect Experts, Awe Market, Focus Innovation, Enjoy Sharing


OASIS started science 2009. The founder of Hongzhong Yang went to shanghai alone with the enthusiasm to connecting people.

2020saw the 11thAnniversary of Oasis. There are 16 peoples engaged to struggle for OASIS MISSION in shanghai, which includes 4 agronomists and 1 Entomologist. There are two technicians with PCA certificates. Oasis services already enter Latin America,Asia, Afirca and European countries. UKRAINE OFFICE was established in 2014. Now we are serving more and more customers with super qualified products and services.

OASIS is beyond an agrochemicals trading company. We started with agrochemicals trading, but not limited by trading. Oasis also provides services to getting better solutions for the farmer with the contracted Laboratories and formulation factories.

OASIS Philippine was established in 2019, whichdeclares OASIS enters in a brand marketing period. We are open to cooperate so that we can provide better solutions to the farmer.

Considering the sustainable agriculture, a safe food chain and a nice living environment, we feel great responsibility. Oasis would like to go ahead without fear together with your trust and supports. Thank you!!!