MerryCorn Pte Ltd

Hubei Sanning Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd, which focuses on coal chemical, phosphorus chemical, fine chemical & Petrochemical industry, is one of the largest chemical industries in china, Hubei Sanning Chemical benefits much from the rich phosphate mines of Hubei Three Gorges Areas and the anthracite coal supplied directly by Jincheng Anthracite Mining Group. These resources enable Sanning to develop coal chemical industry and fine chemical industry.Sanning owns a phosphate mine which is over 200,000 square.The output of phosphate mines is 3 million tons and the phosphate mines storage is around 350 million tons.With this benifit, Sanning Chemical has a annual production of 1,800,000 tons of Urea, 2,500,00 tons of Ammonium sulphate, 600,000 tons of MAP, 60,000 tons of TMAP, 400,000 tons of DAP, 1,800,000 tons of compound fertilizers, 50,000 tons of SOP and 20,000 tons of MKP.

MerryCorn Pte Ltd is the exclusive sales representative in global market for Hubei Sanning Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd, which is the most comprehensive producer and distributor of nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash fertilizers in China, relying on our own rich phosphate rock and coal reserves.

Merrycorn have exported fertilizers to more than 20 countries and Districts, like South America, Europe, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and African Countries.  

Hubei Sanning Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd has AQIS certificate for Australia market and REACH certificate for Europe market, have exported products to many world-wide customers,and will keep on provide our good quality products and professional service to all our customers around the world.

Ammonium Sulphate(carpo Grade)
MAP10-50 Granular
MAP11-44 Granular
Soluble SOP 50%powder