Taiyuan Fusansheng Biotech Co. Ltd.
Taiyuan Fusansheng Biotech Co. Ltd. Is Specialized In The Research And Production Of Beauveria Bassiana Biological Insecticide And Other Relevant Products. Our Company Collaborates With The Chinese Academy Of Agricultural Sciences to Establish A Mechanized And Intelligent Production Line From Incubation, Culture And Bacterial Separation. The State-Of-The-Art, Highly Efficient Production Line Is The Best In The Country. At Present, We Produce Beauveria Bassiana Insecticides, Which Are Purchased By The Chinese Government To Control Pests Such As Corn Borer, Rice Borer, Locust, Potato Disease And So On. We Can Provide 10 Billion Spore Oil Suspension Beauveria Bassiana, Which Can Be Used As The Original Medicine Of Beauveria Bassiana Insecticide For Various Fruits And Vegetables. The Other Product We Provide Is Phenolphthalein.
Beauveria Bassiana Powder
Beauveria Bassiana Oil Suspension