Founded in 1993, Inter-Chemie Limited has been serving the international chemical industry for over a quarter century as a premier chemical producer and distributor. It is also one of the earliest Chinese firms to export Chemicals to the South American market. The firm has developed a pristine reputation for its quality control and competitive payment terms. Its objective remains to provide our customers top-quality chemical products at the lowest rate possible. 

We have served clients from Chile, Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guatemala, Panama, as well as European clients from Spain and Germany. 

The Inter-Chemie Advantage 
1. Extensive Due Diligence: Our Products Managers frequently travel across China to consult with local factories, conduct field studies on producers’ production capabilities, and attend industry commercial fair in order to grasp the current market trends and to stay uniquely informed with opportunities in the industry.

 2. Established Network: Each of our chemical product is supplied by various factories across China thanks to the established distributing network we built over the past decades. The diverse supply network ensures the timeliness and the competitive prices with which we provide to our customers. 

3. Informative Communication: Inter-Chemie Limited constantly shares market updates with our customers to help them stay informed with the market environment. It is our belief that the customers deserve the same market insights as we do. Our strong market research allows our customers to target quality products at the lowest prices. 

4. Adaptive Specialization: Inter-Chemie Limited currently specializes in chemicals in the following sectors: Mining, Paper-making, Water treatment, Textile, Paint, Tannery, Detergent, Paints & Adhesives, Plastics, Fertilizer and so on. We are also constantly looking to expand our product range and are keen to develop businesses in new areas. 

Our Sole Mission 

Enhancing Client Supply Chain Efficiency Through Affordable Quality Goods: At Inter-Chemie Limited, we strive to assist our clients achieve supreme profitability by providing premier chemical distributing services at the most competitive cost possible. The consistent efforts we put in supplier due diligence help us stay advantaged in locating high-quality products at the lowest prices.

Phosphoric acid
Calcium chloride
Ammonium sulfate
Potassium sulfate