AgriBrasilis是巴西和拉丁美洲的农业企业门户, 我们直接从源头上独立地向读者提供信息。我们拥有农业企业的顶级新闻、参考资料和发展趋势分析,通过文章、访谈、调研和访问农业企业不同部门的专业人才与机构,将您与世界上最大的农业极点联系起来。




AgriBrasilis is an agribusiness portal of Brazil and Latin America. We provide information to our readers, directly from the source and independently. Top news, references and trends on agribusiness, connecting you to the scenarios of the largest agricultural pole in the world through articles, interviews, research and visits to professionals and institutions in the different sectors of agribusiness.


To facilitate access to our content, AgriBrasilis is published in English, Mandarin, Portuguese and Spanish. Our contributors are present in the cities of Brasilia, Porto Alegre, São Paulo and Piracicaba (Brazil); Chengdu, Nanjing and Shijiazhuang (China) and Albuquerque (United States).