• Latin America and Brazil agriculture
    Flavio Hirata , AllierBrasil
  • Pesticide supply and prices from China post pandemic
    Jalen Fan, Deputy Director, Division 1, CCPIT CHEM - China
  • Towards Sustainable Agro-Food Sector: Emerging issues and good-practices
    Luiz Eduardo Pacifici Rangel, Director of Economic Analysis and Public Policy - Ministry of Agriculture
  • Pesticide registration in Brazil MAPA and ANVISA follow up, timing, numbers ( English, Chinese)
    Flavio Hirata, AllierBrasil
  • 2,4-D revaluation: changes in regulatory and field proceeding
    Amanda Búlgaro, Aenda
  • Registro de Agrotóxicos no Brasil MAPA e ANVISA
    Flavio Hirata, AllierBrasil
  • Soybean Asian rust
    Cláudia Vieira Godoy, EMBRAPA
  • Complexity of state registration under a legal point of view
    Edmur Bento de Figueiredo Junior, F S Figueredo e Santos Advogados
  • Controversial Aspects of New Regulation on Phytosanitary Products
    Camila Machado de Assunção, Andrade Foz Hypólito Médicis Advogados
  • Effects of COVID-19 in Brazil
    Felippe Cauê Serigatti, Roberta Possamai, Centro de Agronegocios da Fungacao Getulio Vargas